Multi-Family Residential | Design Trends

Multifamily design is not what it used to be!

On the heels of a recovering economy and cultural shifts, trends in apartment/condo design have changed (for the better) and developers are responding to a different type of market. People of all walks of life are reconsidering previous engrained ideals (you know… the picket fence) in favor of a simpler, more streamlined lifestyle. 

But that shouldn’t suggest that “simple” apartment-living isn’t any less fabulous!

Gone are the days of sterile clubhouses, barren pool decks and cold, and harsh mail rooms. Endless carpeted corridors with poor lighting and confusing maze-like hallways are going to the wayside in favor of clever wayfinding signage and chic unit entries that give a true sense of arrival. The desire to have those “W Hotel” moments and hospitality cues as part of everyday apartment-living is expected in today’s market.  


So what are some of the trends we’re seeing?

  1. Urbanization, or the desire to have everything “within walking distance.” We’re witnessing some progressive steps with regards to urban planning and we are working with urban planners more than ever to create a seamless design dialogue from doorstep to curbside.
  2. The Live/Work component. We’re all guilty of checking our work email from home, so why fight it? Developers are integrating live/work spaces into amenity packages which give renters access to workplace technology just footsteps from their homes.
  3. A sense of community. As aforementioned, generic blank-slate “clubhouses” of yesteryear are being nixed in favor of community rooms with personality and functionality. Imagine a space where you can listen to music or have a small social gathering; conversely, what if you’re looking for some quiet time to read a book or enjoy a glass of wine? These are the spaces in demand!
  4. High impact lighting! Harsh, fluorescent lighting is no longer the norm. Hotel-scale, dynamic lighting is now a part of the program, giving leasing offices and amenity spaces a boutique quality.

These are just a sampling of the trends we’re seeing in multifamily design… What are some of the trends you’re seeing? STYLE would love to hear your thoughts!

STYLE + Boutique Design | Drinks By Design {The Ace Hotel}


We’ve been busy at STYLE. Crazy busy. We can't think of better way to revitalize than a night of great design, people, food and drinks.

After an afternoon of touring inspirational hospitality spaces in LA, the STYLE team landed at the rooftop lounge of the trendy Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles for the Boutique Design | Drinks by Design event. 


Kicking off their upcoming trade show BD WEST with a social and lively evening with gorgeous views of the city, Boutique Design hosted a fun night of mingling and connecting with those in the design industry. The Ace, full of charm and Instragram-worthy moments, proved to be a unique backdrop for STYLE to further our relationships with vendors, sales reps and designers while enjoying time out of the office to connect with each other. 


Many thanks to Boutique Design for hosting a memorable night, STYLE is looking forward to BDWest.