Boutique Statements | ASCENT in the details

While the exterior of this 650-unit resort-style residential destination in the heart of San Jose exudes bold curves in the landscape, a contemporary exterior with rich materials, and a high-tech-blends-mid-century-vibe – the first glimpse of the interior spaces come alive in the details. Bold colors blend with pop art concepts; and strong geometry creates sculpted walls and ceilings.

And, true to the signature STYLE brand, there is a thoughtfulness evident in every vignette and detail that makes even the most grand spaces feel boutique, memorable, and liveable.

We took the opportunity at the first phase opening of ASCENT to understand from our designer, Megan Schilling, what makes the details both so important in the design as well as on installation day.

Hi Megan! We LOVE the color story evident in ASCENT – how did this come together as the design evolved through both the art and the accessories?

Well, I was lucky that { STYLE Designers } Stephanie Cruz & Shahrzad Azimi set up such an energetic color palette to work with! It made selecting art and accessories fun and exciting. It’s not every day that you get to select bright purples and reds and pair them together.

With such an interesting combination of high-tech meets mid-century-modern, how did you find the right balance of the two styles such that you created such a unique final aesthetic?

Finding the balance of a combination of styles was inspired by Stephanie’s overall unique architectural design of ASCENT. I had the privilege of seeing her hand-drawn renderings of the spaces before the project early in the design process, which were important tools for visualizing what kind of accessories would complete the look and feel that she was aiming to achieve with the interior architecture.

We’re seeing just an initial glimpse of the artwork that is so very signature on this project – what is your approach to curating the perfect piece for each space?

The art was especially unique for this project because we were able to work one-on-one with a local artist who customized the art to match the color palette of the project. She also worked with us in creating art that portrayed the overall whimsical quality that is evident throughout the amenity spaces in ASCENT in both the interior architecture and the FF&E.

When the interior architecture of a space is so dramatic – as is the case with the team’s sculpting of spaces in the ASCENT leasing spaces – what is your approach for layering in the final touches? And what is your design strategy on the day of install that makes things go so smoothly?

In the case of ASCENT, the interior architecture is so dramatic in scale that few accessories were needed to complete the look! However, accessories always just tie everything together and make the space the perfect balance of dramatic + live-able in scale. So, I tried to pick accessories that brought in pops of color that further enhanced Stephanie’s color story. 

Design strategy on the day of the install is to go into the space a bit light-hearted knowing that things don’t always go as planned. You head in that day with your art and accessories perfectly placed on a printed floor plan, but in reality it usually changes quite a bit. But, if you are prepared to change your plans according to the circumstances that are ahead of you, it makes it much easier. 

STYLE Designer, Megan Schilling