Design+Leaders | STYLE featured in Interior Design Magazine's HOMES debut edition (Fall 2015)

Although Interior Design hails it as a “blooming residential sector” in the news of business trends, STYLE has been a leader in high-density residential design for more than 25 years. We specialize in resort residential, branded residential, high-rise residential and mixed-use projects - as one of the early pioneers in fusing residential and hospitality design, or as we say, STYLE’s Residentiality(SM).

As does Interior Design quote designers as seeing a focus on wellness and community, we too know that each of our amenity space design discussions are driven by all the many ways that residents may imagine themselves in a space – and our design efforts are meant to anticipate + fulfill those wishes and desires. This may be through interaction, or through more passive experience – all made meaningful in the design of interior and exterior spaces.

Also when projects are highly competitive in the race to create attractive living and leisure experiences, we find that the extent to our design creativity can be truly limitless. We are pushing to not only forecast "lasting trends" but create those not yet imagined.


We’re excited to see a collective recognition that multi-family residential projects are, in essence, boutique hotel experiences where the only difference between a traditional hospitality environment is the length of stay. Whether one night, or through a one year lease, there is a demand by “guests” for well-curated, highly-designed, indoor-outdoor spaces that are innovative and inspiring as backdrops to life and leisure.

We’re seeing an increased desire for hospitality / concierge-like environments with enhanced amenities: pet spas, Wi-Fi connectivity, remote technology, security, energy efficiency.
— Interior Design HOME | Debut Edition