Behind the Design of { ARDEN } San Francisco

{ ARDEN } Mission Bay by Bosa Development

{ ARDEN } Mission Bay by Bosa Development

STYLE is pleased to celebrate the opening of the ARDEN sales office by Bosa Development – the latest in Bosa’s collection of luxury residential properties. ARDEN is due to be completed  in the Fall of 2015, in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood on the shores of Mission Creek.

The modern exterior is carried to interior public spaces and units that “balance the modernity of clean lines, neutral palettes and sleek appliances with the warmth of wood floors and an abundance of light and views – creating a mood of contemporary comfort.”

Bosa Development has announced 200 ARDEN home sales in just 2 months. The amenity spaces support the “incredible opportunity to own a signature home by Nat Bosa”. There is a great balance to the collection from organic outdoor areas to hip, hotel-inspired lounges.

Lobby spaces reflect the trend of hoteliers curating social and engaged lobby areas that have a certain energy and a communal vibe. Very styled yet relaxing and welcoming, they become central gathering places within the building, not just a place to pass through.
— Nat Bosa, Bosa Development

In an interview with our STYLE design lead for ARDEN, Jolie Jensen, we discovered the design story that shaped both spaces and lifestyles.

Q: Who is the target audience for ARDEN and what design style or trends applied to this target market?

A – The target market was to remain flexible – the main target was for young professionals but could not be too specific as they anticipated all ages to be interested in living in the area.  The main goal was to appeal to the design savvy San Franciscan – something hitting contemporary and welcoming at the same time.

Q: What is your design story for the public areas, and how does this show through the unit design?

A – It was more about creating a feeling or vibe that is clean-lined and contemporary with a warm but fresh palette was the overall feeling. It was important that this design thread was felt from space to space with a cohesiveness to the design.

Q: What is the most successful area of the property from a design standpoint – whether it’s the space, the use of materials, the mix of both – what is your favorite?

A – We were excited to be designing boutique, urban spaces that have an intimacy for personal experiences but also flexible for gatherings. We felt that from space to space, the combination of cabinetry, furniture and lighting to create a personality for each "room" all came together in an elegant package.    

Q: What are you most anticipating seeing in person when the project is complete? 

A – The look on the face of a proud homeowner.  

Visit the { ARDEN } website for a virtual tour  |

Visit the { ARDEN } website for a virtual tour  |

The [architectural] design for ARDEN takes cues from the area’s time as a historic shipping and maritime hub. Using the iconic shipping container as a reference, we created a series of rectangular shapes and stacking patterns that will work to define individual homes and give every residence a private outdoor space – adding a very dynamic and interesting exterior to the building. Arden’s design reflects and celebrates the journey and transformation of this area into a vibrant new community.
— Chris Dikeakos, Architect

The architecture of ARDEN is strongly linked to the design concepts felt throughout the interiors, and the story living in the building design is equally inspiring. We’re excited to see this project in its’ infancy, and encourage you to visit the sales center and model units in their prime location opposite AT&T Park. For more info: